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You’ll never understand just how poorly most small business websites are built until you read this somewhat scandalous exposé.


The truth of the matter is that business owners are dealing with scores of unscrupulous web designers raking in money hand over fist but delivering abysmal results for their trusting clients.


Business owners neglect their core duties while they scramble to understand the difference between a Facebook Business Page, a Google My Business listing and an actual website; let alone how to get their website found online.


SaaS companies are no better, promising their customers easy to build, do-it-yourself website solutions that produce only a mirage of the real thing.


The result being hundreds of thousands of knockdown-rebuild websites that have been carelessly constructed on inferior platforms costing companies time and money. Not to mention, the millions of dollars being wasted each year on search engine marketing practices that offer band-aid solutions to foundational website problems.


So, allow me to shine a light on 12 of the most horrifying website mistakes that will kill your online business. That way, whether you choose to hire a professional, or do it yourself, you will be armed with everything you need to know to succeed online.