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7 Step SEO Strategy.

SEO That Actually Works.

seo that actually works with tradewinds web design

The Tradewinds Web Design 7 step SEO strategy has been proven to achieve maximum results. If you want to boost your organic traffic and show up where your customers are hanging out then read on…

team work seven 7 step seo strategy tradewinds web design
  • #1 Business Profile and USP
  • #2 Preliminary Website Audit
  • #3 Competitor Analysis
  • #4 Keyword Research
  • #5 On-Page SEO
  • #6 Link Building
  • #7 Content Creation

“If You Fail to Plan, You Are Planning to Fail” 

— Benjamin Franklin.

Thank you for considering Tradewinds Web Design for your SEO strategy and Digital Marketing endeavor.

At Tradewinds, we believe that transparency and professionalism set us apart from the competition. We have the knowledge and the skills to quickly give your business the online presence you’ve been waiting for. Our aim is to get rid of confusing jargon and simply cut to the chase.

As a small business ourselves, we know what works and what can hold you back. Tradewinds Web Design deliver on quality at extremely competitive prices.

We know you will be glad you chose Tradewinds Web Design to handle your website build.

#1 Business Profile and USP

We want to help you firmly establish your online branding and identity. We want to help future proof your business for years to come.  

When done correctly, SEO can slingshot your business to the top of the pack. It can dramatically increase search results, boost site traffic, reduce bounce rates and ultimately increase your cash flow.

We want to see your business smash through online competition like a Mack truck hitting a wall full of cardboard boxes. But, for us to get the best results, we need to get to know your business profile and unique selling proposition (USP).

let’s kick things off with the following questions:


  • Your business name:
  • ABN:
  • The year you were founded:
  • Where are you located?
  • Your founder’s name:
  • The original reason your business was founded:
  • Who is your ideal customer?
  • What does your company do better than anyone else?
  • How do you want your business to be perceived?
  • A description of your top 3 products and services:
  • How would you describe the market you are in?
  • Your current mission and vision statement:
  • Your motto or slogan:
  • Your company values:
  • List as many key words that describe your company and what it offers:

#2 Preliminary Website Audit

The first step on your journey towards SEO domination begins with a Preliminary Website Audit. We take the time to assess your current websites strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Tradewinds Web Design will carry out in in-depth SWOT analysis of your current website to define a baseline prior to any active SEO efforts on our part.

The Preliminary Website Audit involves the collection of recent site data and current online performance. This document will allow Tradewinds to formulate an aggressive plan to place your business ahead of the pack.

#3 Competitor Analysis and Confrontation

Tradewinds will complete a competitor profile to dig up the dirt on your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses. By understanding your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses you can understand whether your business is at an advantage or disadvantage in the marketplace.

Like your own personal Private Eye, we can uncover the intel to help direct your SEO strategy. The goal here, is to get a bird’s-eye view of what you’re up against. How are your top two competitors websites performing? What key words are thy ranking for? What is their content strategy? How much web traffic are they receiving? How have they structured their website and content? What plugins or code are they running? What CMS are they using? What backlinks do they receive?

The answers to such questions will help guide our SEO strategy so you can come out on top.

#4 Keyword Research and Implementation

Tradewinds Web Design use keyword research tools in conjunction with your website data to evaluate which keywords are most important for your business. Key word analysis and split testing can dramatically improve your organic page ranking.

When you work with Tradewinds you benefit from industry expertise. We understand the subtleties of keyword SEO strategies. It is not always beneficial to rank for certain words. Ranking for words that your visitors aren’t actually searching for is bad news. Not all web traffic is good traffic. If your visitors are drastically increasing your websites bounce rate, then this could be harming your overall SEO strategy.

Our keyword research and implementation will ensure you reach the right audience and prove to Google and other search engines that your site deserves to be at the top of the list.

#5 On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO accounts for one fifth of your sites search engine ranking.

20% of your websites SEO success is defined by your ability to craft successful on-page SEO.

Internal on-site SEO considerations will focus on search engine ranking factors such as speed, security, structure, and content.

We’ll go to great lengths to enhance webpage load speed, internal link structure and URL structure, meta data, tags, images, alt text, site construction and much more.

Tradewinds Web Design recommend that you follow W3 best practice when designing a website. This not only benefits the user experience but also improves your search engine results page ranking.

Our On-Page SEO experience will help dramatically improve your websites search results ranking and allow users to better interact with your site.

#6 Link Building

Using your Preliminary Website Audit, we can now implement a white-hat link building approach to boost your website credibility, authority and increase search rankings.

Our first step is to attack the low hanging fruit, so to speak. We will make use of all relevant Google listings and tools. Local search listings are an easy way to boost your authority and increase search rankings. Local searches with a service or product drive 80% of searches. This is a crucial aspect in our overall plan to firmly establish your online branding and identity for years to come.

Link building should also focus on your social media profiles and the unique approach required for dominating each platform.

Tradewinds Web Design can also implement more advanced link building activities which will aim to secure top level links and disavow bad links. Advanced link building activities align with content creation such as blog posts and articles which can be shared with higher ranking sites to boost your websites authority and ranking.

#7 Content Strategy and Creation

Content Strategy and Creation is the beating heart of our overall SEO strategy.

This crucial step pulls everything together and forms the spear head of your SEO attack. Content Strategy and Creation is the most aggressive approach to see instantly recognisable results.

We use our knowledge to push content to Google bots, so it is scanned and indexed as soon as it is created. We use social media to feed into your website and elicit a desired response.  We also use social media to build your overall brand reputation and form solid street cred.

Your websites content can be carefully constructed to fit your audiences search terms and place your website smack bang in front of their eyes.  

A successful digital marketing campaign should include tailor made blog posts, social media posts, key word related topic areas, videos and a tonne of relevant info on your subject matter. It is also advisable to make use of Google products such as My Business, Search Console, Analytics and Trends.

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